August 24-25, 2018

Radisson Denver Southeast


Suck it up Buttercup! Get True Grit for Author Success!

Three jammed-packed days that includes learning and working with the leading book market strategists, how to market with minimal moneys, SEO experts and special sales specialists.

You will have the guidance of writing and editing pros and next generation bloggers and be able to identify ways to monetize and repurpose what you already have. By the end of the third day, you will embrace eBook tactics that will have you head spinning; get updates in digital publishing; learn how to create content-delivery in written and oral form; and know how to create a step-by-step publicity campaign together without raiding Fort Knox. Three extraordinary days in Denver, Colorado.

Get ready to Suck It Up, Buttercup with . . .

Judith Briles

will weave in her expertise in publishing success--yes, you too Virge and VIrginia can sell a 1,000, 000 copies of your books! You will become a confident and successful author … and oh-so-much-more.

John Kremer

Get ready to have a dare-- your book sales journey starts today--an eye-opening and hold-your-breath revelation of what you need to do starting with baby book steps that will turn explosive! As a bonus, John will reveal his top publicity smarts to keep your book carpet in and on the air.

Joan Stewart

as she shows you how to develop and achieve daring publicity strategies in an in-indepth two-part session--the media will crave to have you as the featured guest.

Roberto Candelaria

as he walks you through HOW to get sponsors to support you, your expertise and your book.

T J Muller

as he shows you how to build an email marketing campaign; how to create a landing page; use Facebook ads and so much--think digital marketing.

Mike Fritz

as he shows you how to get booked as a speaker.

Amy Collins

divulges huge ahas, tips and secrets with the ins and outs of Amazon surviving and thriving.

Daniel Hall

as he exposes WOWSA strategies to grow your book offerings with a true goldmine of an idea--do not miss this session on how to milk the public domain possibilities. If you snooze, you will lose big!

Daniel Hall

as he exposes WOWSA strategies to grow your book offerings with a true goldmine of an idea--do not miss this session on how to milk the public domain possibilities. If you snooze, you will lose big!

Perry Yeldham

as he shows you how to integrate your website as the core of your author and book branding with everything else you do.

Kelly Johnson

as she shows you how to STOP doing the stuff you hate to do; don't want to do; don't know how to do--and work with a Virtual Assistant to bring sanity to your life.

Kathy Meis

as she explains how metadata defines how authors and books are described and viewed by readers and the publishing marketplace AND how you can roar with pre marketing your book - and get massive distribution.

Richard Rieman

as he outlines how to avoid rookie mistakes when creating your first audiobook, along with new ways to sell audiobooks and taking advantage of the falling costs of audiobook production.

Debbie Drum

as she shows you how grab all the book reviews you will ever need.

Darin Adams

as he shows you how to maximize any email marketing you do.

Susie Scott

as she shows you how to get your voice on the air and soar your influence.

Melody Jones

as she takes the pain out of the author necessity of social media--the town hall of book marketing.

Rebecca Finkel

as she reveals tips and tricks of creating an extremely low-cost book trailer with high end results.

Julie Bernard

as she shows you how to keep your head above water with all things legal--think contracts, PEN names, working with publishing providers, using real names and much more.

Nick Zelinger

as he reveals how to deliver a book from cover to interior that stands above the over 3,000,000 published each year.

DRAFT TO DREAM Book Competition Winners Revealed!

Who will be the five awesome authors-to-be in this year’s Draft to Dream Book Competition?

Finalists were notified in August and will be attending Thursday’s session as part of their Finalist award. The five Winners will get the entire Extravaganza as part of their prize plus a complete cover and interior design and much more.


Get ready to laugh your dinner belly off as we end Friday with Transformation Export and Humorist Craig Zablocki. There’s a reason why Craig is one of the most sought-after speakers across the country—and around the world. Not only is he one of the most audience-engaging speakers you’ve ever experienced, he can provide transformational tools that will help improve lives of audiences—immediately and for years to come.

Three glorious author and publishing days in September in Colorado

Author heaven in publishing and marketing. Put AuthorU’s Extravaganza September 7-9, 2017 on your calendar NOW … that is, only if you are willing to Dare to Be Great!

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