September 7-9, 2017

Radisson Denver Southeast


Author Success: Don’t Hold Back!

Three jammed-packed days that includes learning and working with the leading book market strategists, how to market with minimal moneys, SEO experts and special sales specialists.

You will have the guidance of writing and editing pros and next generation bloggers and be able to identify ways to monetize and repurpose what you already have. By the end of the third day, you will embrace eBook tactics that will have you head spinning; get updates in digital publishing; learn how to create content-delivery in written and oral form; and know how to create a step-by-step publicity campaign together without raiding Fort Knox. Three extraordinary days in Denver, Colorado.

Meet Mitch Krayton, our MC for the Extravaganza

Mitch Krayton is a coach, writer, speaker, mentor and trusted travel adviser, he has been engaging clients to experience new growth through clear communication, mentoring, leadership, and exposure to worldly cultural experience for decades. A member of Toastmasters International since 1987, he is a Distinguished Toastmaster and Past Governor and the recipient of the Golden Microphone Award.

Get ready to dare greatly with . . .

Joan Stewart

as she shows you how to develop and achieve daring email marketing results.

Joel Friedlander

as he walks you through the nuances of building your online community, brand and deliver non-stop traffic to your website.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

as she dares greatly and short cuts you through the book marketing maze and delivers a daring array of marketing tips and to dos.

John Kremer

as a moderates panel of independent bookstore owners disclose insider tips on how to work with them and increase your book sales.

Dom Testa

as he takes you on a journey from indie author to New York published back to indie.

Susan RoAne

as she identifies the ahas of relationship book selling (she’s sold over 1,000,000 of her copies and earned the position of #1 best seller with the Book of the Month Club).

Mitchell Levy

as he shows you how to create a book in less than a day to add to your marketing and branding panache.

Amy Collins

as she divulges how to do all your book marketing in 20 minutes each day;

Daniel Hall

as he exposes how to spin-off your book and ideas to create secondary products that sell online while you snooze.

Linda Frothingham

as she flaunts eye-candy, visual marketing and amplifying the author brand.

Brian Jud

as he deep dives into where premium and special sales can be created.

Kathy Meis

as she explains how metadata defines how authors and books are described and viewed by readers and the publishing marketplace.

Frederic Perrin

as he shares how to keep your “writer’s muse” and overcome obstacles.

Richard Rieman

as he outlines how to avoid rookie mistakes when creating your first audiobook, along with new ways to sell audiobooks and taking advantage of the falling costs of audiobook production.

Judith Briles

as she weaves in her expertise in crowdfunding, avoiding publishing blunders and becoming a confident and successful author … and oh-so-much-more.

DRAFT TO DREAM Book Competition Winners Revealed!

Who will be the five awesome authors-to-be in this year’s Draft to Dream Book Competition will be revealed just before the Deep Dive Dinner Workshop with the outrageous editor, Barb Wilson.

Finalists were notified in August and will be attending Thursday’s session as part of their Finalist award. The five Winners will get the entire Extravaganza as part of their prize plus a complete cover and interior design and much more.


The Deep-Dive Dinner workshop with Book Marketing Expert John Kremer will place you on the magic book carpet … daring you to be great in your book sales and start your journey of many thousands of book sales. Get ready for an eye-opening and hold-your-breath revelation of what you need to do starting with baby book steps that will turn explosive! As a bonus, John will reveal his top publicity smarts to keep your book carpet in and on the air. All Early Bird registrants get FREE (value $75).


The Friday night “entertainment” is a two-character tour-de-force with a delightful, haunting, and fun award-winning play with starring Mara Purl and Christopher Law. You don’t want to miss the perfect way to end a long day. On Saturday, they will dissect the five senses of awesome dialogue and storytelling.

Three glorious author and publishing days in September in Colorado

Author heaven in publishing and marketing. Put AuthorU’s Extravaganza September 15-17, 2016 on your calendar NOW … that is, only if you are willing to Dare to Be Great!

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