Kelly Johnson

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Working with a Virtual Assistant

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Discover how to bring sanity back to your authoring life. Having a VA will deliver countless hours to your day … and delete tasks that you would rather never do again. What you do is have to identify them and get someone else to do them. Enter the Virtual Assistant. Kelly will show you:

  • How to find a Virtual Assistant.
  • Tips and strategies to get one that understands the needs of authors and book marketing.
  • What to pay and how to negotiate.
  • Ways to find hours in your day and take your book marketing to another level.

In other words, you will get over author stuckyness … and deal with author overwhelm.

Kelly Johnson is a business owner who partners with coaches and authors and handles their tasks and projects in order to allow clients to focus not only on growth opportunities for their business but also on achieving professional goals. Work and communications are conducted virtually via e-mail, phone, fax and the internet.

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