Rebecca Finkel

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Books, eBooks and Book Trailers or Bust

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How can you engage more readers? How can you upgrade your marketing efforts? Create a 60 second trailer about your book, including the cover and some visuals from the book. Using music or a voice over it’s easy to create book trailer that can be posted on social media, YouTube, and your website.

  • Adds another tool to your marketing efforts
  • Directly reach your readers
  • Give potential readers more information than the book cover


Recognized nationally and regionally for award-winning book design, Rebecca Finkel, of F + P Graphic Design, specializes in multi-faceted projects; integrating text, photos, and graphics to create a unique look.

Rebecca enjoys finding creative solutions to design projects. In addition to designing book covers, interiors, and trailers, Rebecca also converts eBooks. From initial concept to printed product, F + P Graphic Design creates projects that fit a budget and timeline.

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